Game Times

We detrmine games by voting.  Generally we’ll have between 1 – 3 a week.  Currently we play every week at the following time unless weather or other factors prohibit:

Sundays @ 10:30 AM

We also host games during the week assuming we meet the following criteria:

  • We have at least 10 reserved players for the game
  • We have goalies and goalie gear

How do we determine if we have enough players for a game:

  • We send out calendar invites on facebook currently.  Once we have 10 confirmed we schedule a game.  Follow us on Facebook to get up to date game times

I don’t have Facebook but want to be able to get invites and information about weekly games:

  • We currently have the ability to send out invites via text that you can accept and we’ll use this information to determine if we have enough people to host a game.

During the winters we only play on Sundays and occasionally Saturday due to the early setting of the Sun

To keep up to date about game times, join our facebook group at or sign up for text notifications.